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LightX YouTube Video Resizer Online

Resize video for youTube online

If you're looking to create a high-quality YouTube video, you may need to resize your video to meet YouTube's requirements. LightX is a powerful photo and video editing app that includes a variety of preset templates for YouTube videos. With this application, you can get your desired video template for YouTube. These templates are already in the perfect dimension. Whereas you can change if you want also can format, and add stuff to make your video more engaging.

High-Quality YouTube Resize Video

Video resizer for youTube effortlessly

To resize any video to upload to your YouTube channel just select your video directly from your device, or choose something from the stock under the Video Templates in LightX. Then simply edit your video will the usual things pictures, audio, effects, etc. then before saving the video you must resize the video to be uploaded to YouTube without any obstruction. For that click on the resize button and select the required option from YouTube Ad, YouTube Video, etc and your video will be reshaped instantly.

Customize YouTube Resize Video with Music

Add Effects and Resize YouTube Videos Online in Seconds

Using preset templates in LightX or resizing videos for YouTube online are both excellent options for creating high-quality YouTube videos. With the right tools, you can easily adjust the size and aspect ratio of your videos to meet YouTube's requirements and make your videos look professional. Also by using LightX you can easily create a simple video a bit more interesting and attractive. Videos are always the best way to interact as it contains audio and image both, and to sync both of these with a prominent duration of time is really difficult. But LightX brings advanced editing features and previewing features anytime you want. Add different effects, stickers, and audio files (from stock or device) and outshine your video.

Add Sticker on YouTube Resize Video

Resize Video for YouTube Shorts Online

To make trendy shorts simply add the videos one after the other and edit them as a whole. When you are done use the video resizer for youTube shorts and resize the video. Just tap on the dimension you want and the file will be changed instantly. After that preview, it saves the project for later use. Also, you can directly share the video from LightX to any social media networking site.

Resize Video for YouTube Shorts

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you cannot resize a video on YouTube. You need to resize your video before uploading it to YouTube using video editing software. But you can use LightX as your video editing application, and resize your video as you want.

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