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YouTube Size and Dimensions

Steps to Resize Your YouTube Banner Image

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Put Your YouTube Banner Image in the Right Size!

Resize Banner for YouTube for an Appropriate Fit

Is your banner image not fitting as imagined? Manual cropping giving you a hard time? And thinking what to do for the same getting trickier? We suggest resizing! Modify the size of your banner image for your YouTube channel to avoid it from getting cropped automatically while uploading. Showcase all the significant parts of the image without any worry. Start with LightX’s Resize Image tool to change the size for your banner image in seconds.

Crop and Modify For Banner Resizing

Single Click YouTube Banner Resizing Tool

LightX’s resizing tool for YouTube Banner has got you all covered in terms of ease. It provides a preset YouTube banner dimension. All you have to do is click on it and your YouTube banner image will get appropriately resized automatically. That’s the power of a single-click resizing! You can also apply a custom size by mentioning the Width and Height in Pixels (px), Centimeter (cm), Millimeter (mm), or Inches (in).

Resize YouTube Banner with all Sizes in one click

Customize Your YouTube Banner Image Freely

Let your YouTube banner shine. Achieve a magnificent appearance in your YouTube banner by adding some exciting elements like text, illustrations, stickers, and more! You can also edit your banner image later using LightX’s collection of advanced photo editing tools. And not just limited to editing, you can make your banner image look more appealing with suitable and editable design templates in LightX.

Free YouTube Banner Resizer

Export YouTube Banner in Different Formats

LightX’s YouTube banner resizing tool not only allows you to change the dimensions of your YouTube banner for an ideal fit but also save it in multiple high-resolution image formats. Once you have successfully resized your YouTube banner image, you can download and save it to your device in a JPG or a PNG format. With LightX’s user-friendly resizing tool, changing the size of your YouTube banner is plain sailing!

Export YouTube Banner in JPG or PNG

Frequently Asked Questions

YouTube Banner is the picture at the top of your YouTube channel. It is the first visual that viewers will see up on visiting your channel.

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