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Facebook Image Resizer

Steps to Resize Image for Facebook

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Change Size For Facebook Images and Share!

Resize Facebook Images For a Suitable Fit

Why get your images cropped or miss their parts automatically while uploading on Facebook? You can easily take care of the same by resizing the image. Whether you have a photo for your Facebook cover, ad, post, or any other purpose, if it is incorrectly sized and you wish to correct that in a smooth and seamless manner, resizing already is the solution. LightX’s tool for resizing images allows you to change the size of your Facebook images quickly and under high-resolution.

Precise Crop and Resize for Facebook

Multiple Facebook Resize Options

If you need to resize images for Facebook every once in a while, LightX's image resizer tool is the best gift for you! Using Light's resizing tool, you can make perfectly sized Facebook photos effortlessly. You can select from the preset photo sizes for Facebook cover, post, or an ad. There is a preset Facebook Square size available, as well, for your requirement of 1:1 aspect ratio. You can also use the tool as a Facebook profile picture resizer.

Resize As per Facebook multiple purposes

Customize Further With Other Elements

Creating a spectacular photo for Facebook is not limited to just resizing. Make it customized and more captivating with plenty of features and tools in LightX.  Add different elements right away, including text, stickers, illustrations, etc. Try different photo editing tools, such as, Change Color, Cutout, Blur Photo and More. You can also use your resized image on different template designs on the Template Editor in LightX.

Easy Resize Facebook with Elements

Resize Photo for Facebook Cover, Post, and More!

Resize photos for Facebook for numerous purposes. LightX’s Image Resizer tool for Facebook makes it utterly simple to do the job with its preset dimensions. This includes, Facebook Cover (1600 x 900), Facebook Ad (1200 x 628), Facebook Post (1200 x 628) and Facebook Square photo (1200 x 1200). You can also customize the size by entering specific dimensions according to your needs. With LightX’s tools, resizing photos for Facebook is plain sailing!

Multiple Dimensions Facebook Resizer

Frequently Asked Questions

An online photo resizer is an editing tool that adjusts the dimensions of your photos to make them fit wonderfully for any platform or wherever you want to share them. With LightX’s Image image resizing tool, you can resize pictures in a few clicks!

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