AI Photo to Sketch Converter

Turn your photo to pencil sketch with LightX AI image to sketch 

AI-generated photo to sketch images

How to Create an AI Sketch of Your Photo

Step 1

Upload Your Photo

Choose a well-lit and in-focus photo of yourself that clearly shows all your facial features in JPEG or PNG format.

Step 2

Describe Your Style

Choose from pre-made sketch styles or enter a text prompt describing your desired custom look for yourself in the photo.

Step 3

Generate and Download

Click 'Generate' to turn your photo into a sketch in seconds. Once it gets generated, download it to your device.

Photo to sketch generated by AI

Discover Your World Through AI Generated Styles!

Explore a multitude of AI sketch styles by LightX. Simply select your desired effect and watch as AI transforms your image into stunning sketches.  

Photo to sketch generated by AI
Photo to pencil sketch created by AI
AI-generated image to sketch for free

Make Photo Sketch, Tailored to Your Imaginative Prompt!

Describe how you want your photo sketch through text prompts. Let LightX AI turn your picture into a flawless sketch in just seconds!

Prompt 1:
pencil sketch, realistic, smiling woman
Prompt 2:
ink sketch, woman, not smiling
Prompt 3:
girl, sketch, cross-hatch effect
Realistic AI pencil sketch from photo
Prompt 1:
pencil sketch, realistic, smiling woman
Prompt 2:
ink sketch, woman, not smiling
Prompt 3:
girl, sketch, cross-hatch effect

Turn Photo to Sketch with AI Text-to-Image Generation

Transform your ordinary photos into captivating sketches in seconds with LightX's picture to sketch AI online. With just a simple prompt, give your photos an artistic and creative twist. Convert a photo into sketch with more flexibility by entering a text prompt.  

AI picture to sketch for multiple images

Convert Photo to Pencil Sketch 

Experience the mesmerizing beauty of a pencil sketch with LightX's image to pencil sketch style online. In mere moments, the AI algorithms analyze your image to turn it into a pencil sketch online artwork displaying precise lines and perfect shading.  

AI Photo to pencil sketch for free

Create a Cartoon Sketch of Photo

Let the power of LightX's cartoon photo sketch filter amaze you as it alters your photo into a male or female cartoon sketch. Witness a seamless fusion of technology and artistry with a playful and expressive cartoon sketch form of yourself by LightX's free AI sketch generator.

AI-generated photo cartoon sketch

Convert Photo to Ink Sketch with AI

Make your photos take on a new life in the timeless beauty of ink sketches. Create ink sketch AI artworks with bold lines and delicate shading using LightX's preset styles. In a few clicks, turn photo into sketch in an intriguing ink interpretation that evokes emotions and admiration.   

AI generated ink sketch from image

Get Cross-Hatching Sketch Effect on Photos 

Achieve an impressive cross-hatching sketch of your images effortlessly with LightX's photo sketch maker. Upon interpreting every element of your image, the AI photo to sketch converter generates an image with precise cross-hatching strokes in ideal depth and texture.    

Cross hatch Sketch generated by AI

Frequently Asked Questions

An AI sketchify online tool, such as LightX’s, converts your picture into a sketch using a deep learning model that analyzes the input image for a person's face, body, objects, shapes, edges, or textures. It then utilizes this information to generate a selected sketch style, ensuring that the essential features of the original image get captured accurately and realistically.   

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