Free AI Oil Painting Filters For Your Photos

Channel the beauty of old art by using LightX's oil painting filter and imagine works of art such as "Mona Lisa." The AI converter transforms your photographs into vibrant, intricate artwork by capturing the elegance of the Renaissance.

AI generated Oil Painting Filter images

How to Use an AI Oil Painting Filter on Photo

Step 1

Upload a Photo

Select a photo of yourself, a landscape, or your pet that you want to apply a filter to

Step 2

Choose a Filter

Explore the diverse range of AI filters available and select the "Art Style" one or write a custom prompt to create your own filter

Step 3

Generate and Download

Click on “Generate" to apply the filter. Download the generated image to the device

Oil painting effect generated by AI

The Spectrum of AI Oil Painting Filters

Explore LightX's range of AI oil painting filters, inspired by the iconic styles of the Renaissance era. Transform your photos that capture the essence of oil painting. 

Oil painting effect generated by AI
AI art oil painting for images
Oil painting photo filter made by AI

Turn Image to Mona Lisa-Style Glossy Art

LightX's oil painting filter brings the eternal beauty of classic art like Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night" and Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" to your photos. Get brilliant jewel-like colors and a glossy surface, make photo look like oil paintings as this filter turns your common photos into magnificent oil painting replicas with shining jewel-like colors and a glossy surface, reflecting the spirit of art history in each brushstroke. You can add the magnetism of known artwork to your images and easily change photo to oil painting by using the oil painting filter from LightX. 

AI generated mona lisa paintiing filter

Reimagine Renaissance Art Through AI

The image to oil painting converter of LightX captures the appeal of Renaissance artwork, including well-known portraits like the "Renaissance Woman Painting." Convert your images to iconic pieces of art similar to popular Renaissance works of art. With bursting colors and precise details at your fingertips, you can effortlessly enjoy the artistic genius of this time period.

Photo oil painting effect created by AI

Ordinary Moments, Extraordinary Art with AI Transformation

LightX’s Oil painting photo filters offer countless creative opportunities. Your simple selfie can be transformed into an image matching a Renaissance queen, turn picture into oil painting and an appealing setting can become a work of art evoking the greatest Italian painters with photo oil painting effect. These filters provide a blank canvas to show your creativity.

Photo to AI Oil painting filter

Frequently Asked Questions

By creating an oil painting effect and imitating the texture and appearance of traditional oil paintings, the LightX AI oil painting filter modifies images. It improves photographs by giving them a painted, artistic quality.

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