AI Art Filter for Images

Experience an artistic shift in your portraits or landscapes with LightX's AI artwork filter collection. Try the Expressionism, Impressionism, Cubism, Contemporary, and many more art filters. 

How to Use an AI Art Filter on a Photo 

Step 1

Upload a Photo

Select a photo of yourself, a landscape, or your pet that you want to apply filter to

Step 2

Choose a Filter

Explore the diverse range of AI filters available and select the "Art Style" one or write a custom prompt to create your own filter

Step 3

Generate and Download

Click on “Generate" to apply the filter. Download the generated image to device

Free artistic filters online generated by AI

Flawless Artistic Transformation in Just One Click!

Reimagine your photos as timeless works of art with a wide array of LightX's single-click AI-powered free photo artistic effects online

Free artistic filters online generated by AI
Art style filter made by AI
AI generated artwork filter

Expressionism Photo Art Filter Range 

Achieve an Expressionism art with an ideal symphony of emotional intensity, vivid colors, and vibrant brushstrokes with LightX's AI artistic filters online. Derive a personalized Expressionism artwork filter for your photo inspired by famous expressionists like Edvard Munch or Egon Schiele with simple text prompts. 

AI generated expressionism photo filter

Create a Picture of Impressionism with AI Filters

Step into LightX's world of AI art effects for Impressionism. Incorporate the transient beauty of Impressionism artworks - soft, dappled light and subtle nuances of color in your photos with a single click. Craft your own pictures of Impressionism, reminiscent of Monet and Renoir, by entering custom filter prompts. 

Impressionism image filter made by AI

Famous Cubism Art Effects for Your Pictures 

LightX's Cubism photo art filter array for that geometric brilliance in the best hues in your photos! Amaze viewers with diverse viewpoints and the abstract, fragmented representations the Cubism art style offers. Have your Cubism modern art photo or others without the tiring manual editing. 

Cubism art effect on photos made by AI

AI-Driven Baroque Art Filter Collection

Infuse the grandeur of the Baroque art style - the rich textures, dramatic lighting, and elaborated details, in your portraits or landscapes with LightX's Baroque AI art filter collection. No specialized skill is required; a simple click or prompt for a Baroque artwork masterpiece of your picture.

Photo artistic effects created by AI

Image Filters for Contemporary Art Online

Experience the avant-garde Contemporary art style in your photos with LightX's AI-driven one-click free photo artistic effects online. Choose from a diverse array of art AI filters, spanning abstract, minimalism, and more for a perfect Contemporary artwork, offering a fresh perspective on visual storytelling.

Contemporary art effect made by AI

AI Fauvism Art Effects for Your Images

The LightX AI Fauvism art style filter free range redefines your photos as vibrant and expressive compositions with a burst of non-naturalistic colors and bold brushwork. Create free customized filters for a Fauvism artwork inspired by Matisse and Derain effortlessly using text prompts.

Fauvism filter for images generated by AI

Hyperrealism Artwork of Photos using AI Filters

Attain the pinnacle of realism in your pictures with LightX's artwork filter for Hyperrealism. Choose from diverse AI effects that meticulously produce the detailing and precision of Hyperrealism art onto your image. Experience astonishing realism, capturing every nuance and texture for a hyperrealistic portrait, landscape, or pet photo.

AI generated Hyperrealism artwork filter for photos

Frequently Asked Questions

Craft an AI-generated art of your picture using LightX's one-click artwork filter collection. Or, enter a text prompt to apply a custom art filter to your photo with AI. 

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