AI My Photo: Turn Your Photo To AI Image

Transform your photos using AI! The one-click preset styles and text prompt image generation in LightX's AI my image tool lets you turn your pictures into AI photos of any character, painting, and more.

AI turn your photo into an AI image

How To Make AI Photos Of Yourself?

Step 1

Upload Your Photo

Choose a well-lit and in-focus photo of yourself that clearly shows all your facial features in JPEG or PNG format.

Step 2

Describe Your Style

Choose from pre-made styles or enter a text prompt describing your desired custom look for yourself in the photo.

Step 3

Generate and Download

Click 'Generate' to turn your photo into AI in seconds. Once it gets generated, download it to your device.

AI generated gladiator Image

Turn Your Photo Into AI With Hundreds Of Styles

Access an array of ready-to-use AI styles with just a single click to convert your photo into a cartoon, caricature, cyberpunk character, Disney character, and more.

AI generated gladiator Image
AI Styles for AI Image Generation
Royal king image generated by AI

Generate Your AI Picture With a Personalized Prompt!

Describe how you want your AI photo to look via a text prompt. The algorithms will turn your picture AI; perfectly in just a few seconds!

Prompt 1:
aurora look from sleeping beauty
Prompt 2:
woman warrior wearing an armor
Prompt 3:
a female in bohemian fashion, featuring flowing dress
Create my AI photo
Prompt 1:
aurora look from sleeping beauty
Prompt 2:
woman warrior wearing an armor
Prompt 3:
a female in bohemian fashion, featuring flowing dress

Generate AI Photos Of Yourself In Diverse Styles

Imagine generating your AI version in diverse styles with LightX's AI my photo tool.
Take your pick from presets for an AI Makeover. Or, turn photo into AI art. You can even create AI characters, popular or unique, as you please.
To make AI photos of yourself in different looks, simply upload an image, preferably in JPEG format, and get a whole new variation of it with your features and pose intact.
Believe it, this is the AI image generator with my photo you've always wanted!

Generate AI photos of yourself

Basic Portraits? Level Up With AI Transform Image Tool!

End your search for the AI photo generator with my face - you've just found it! Experience an exciting transition with no face change.
Ditch regular portraits; AI your photo portraits with a complete, realistic, natural-looking transition- from clothes and makeup to the color scheme or lighting.
You can even obtain your avatars from portraits - a famous Disney avatar, a legendary superhero avatar, or any other. The algorithms of AI transform image spectacularly while maintaining your facial features.

AI my photo generator

Ultimate Tool To Turn Photos Into AI Packed With Benefits

Whether you're an AI pro or just starting out, whenever you are turning photos into AI, now you know LightX is the way to go!
Its generative AI tool flawlessly AI your photo into a masterpiece.

Here's every reason to make it your choice:


Benefit from free daily credits.


Generate images with a single upload.


User-friendly interface.


Fast image generation.


High-quality image download available.

AI transform image tool

Frequently Asked Questions

AI my image refers to using artificial intelligence technology to modify and enhance your picture's overall appearance. In LightX, the process of turning photos into AI involves the image-to-image generation method guided by your preset style selection or text prompt. The intelligent algorithms then automatically edit different elements of your photo, such as the outfit, colors, and more.

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