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Optimize your images for the web with our JPG to WEBP Converter. WEBP offers smaller file sizes and better image quality than traditional formats, making it perfect for improving loading times and enhancing website performance.

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Steps to Convert JPG to WebP

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Quick and Easy JPG to WebP Conversion 

Turn JPG to WebP With Online JPG Converter

WebP image format, developed by Google, is considered to be a modern image format. It offers higher lossy and lossless image compression on the web. In simpler terms, WebP images provide smaller image sizes at a good quality. Changing your image file from JPG to WebP will benefit tremendously in terms of quality, storage and usage across the web. Enjoy the best picture quality with less storage size in the form of  WebP images using LightX's Image Converter. It lets you transform your JPG format images into WebP format images within a few clicks. Get started right away! 

Convert JPG to WebP File Online

How to Convert JPG to WebP

Convert JPG to WebP with LightX following a few simple steps. Start by visiting LightX's website on your browser. From the Editor Tools, select the Image Converter. Next, upload the JPG image you wish to convert from your device. Once you are redirected to the tool's screen, select JPG as the format in the Convert From section, WebP as the format in the Convert To section and move ahead with the conversion. The tool will automatically change your image from JPEG to WebP in a few seconds. Lastly, you can save the image to your device by clicking Download.

 Change Image from JPEG to WebP in a Few Seconds

Customize Image Using LightX

LightX not only lets you conduct the image conversion but edit and customize your images, too, efficiently. After you convert your image from JPEG to WebP, explore plenty of other features to make your photo look stunning. LightX offers a collection of professional tools and trendy Design templates to redesign your images beautifully. You can change color, insert text, add blur effect, create cutout, resize image and do so much more using different tools. The editable Design templates come in a wide variety. You can select any suitable template and get creative. With LightX, there is no limit to personalizing your image and making it more appealing. 

Personalize WebP File with LightX

Frequently Asked Questions

The JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a very common photo file format. It is used for saving digital pictures. WebP, on the other hand, is an advanced image file format to save image files easily and in good quality. It has been developed by Google.

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