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AI Product Design Generator

A tool that stands out as a game-changer for product designers. LightX’s AI for product design, transforms their product ideas into high-quality digital images, letting them visualise their product ideas quickly and efficiently.

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AI Product Design Generator for creating innovative product designs

How To Generate an AI Product Design?


Upload a Product Sketch, Blueprint, or Image

Simply upload a conceptual sketch of your product idea or image of an existing product that inspires you.


Enter Prompt

Detail the product you envision in the prompt box. This could include a specific look, or aesthetic—the more detailed your description, the better the results.


Adjust Strength

Use the "Image Strength" slider: Higher strength makes the generated image more similar to your uploaded image, while lower strength reduces similarity and gives creative freedom to AI.


Generate and Download

Click to generate your AI photo. Once it's ready, you can download it directly to your device.

Generate high-quality AI product design through text prompt

Swift Product Prototyping With AI Product Designer

Access rapid and high-quality product prototyping effortlessly using AI for product design in LightX. Whether you are a seasoned designer or a novice, convey your idea with a basic sketch, leaving the generation to AI’s automation. Perform real-time iterations for quicker refinement and testing of ideas. In a fraction of the time, obtain multiple versions of the product’s AI generative design mockups, as well.

Transform product prototyping with AI product designer

AI-Generated Product Designs With Controlled Customisation

LightX brings you an AI based product design tool like no other! Its smart Strength adjustment parameter offers ultimate control over the AI's interpretation of the product's blueprint into the final image. Opting for high strength applies changes while preserving the original image more faithfully, whereas low strength results in greater creativity within your AI designed products. Such a customisation ability proves invaluable for product design generation with a fusion of nuanced details and creative exploration.

Get AI generated product design with easy customization feature

Save Cost And Enhance Efficiency With AI Facilitated Designing

Using AI for product design reduces costs and time typically associated with traditional product designing methods, like software purchases or hiring designers. LightX's AI product design generator optimises this process. It allows a seamless generation with a simple sketch, which the AI automatically refines into a polished, professional-like image. These AI generated products save you substantial costs while focusing on conceptualisation rather than time-consuming efforts.

Instantly generate 3D product design with AI product designer

Frequently Asked Questions

AI product design offers numerous advantages over traditional techniques. Firstly, it's faster and more cost-effective. Secondly, it can handle requirements for diverse product design versions with ease. You can flexibly integrate this approach into your existing workflows. Overall, AI product designing streamlines the process.

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