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Steps to Add Audio to Your Videos

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Combine Your Incredible Videos With Perfect Audio

Add Audio to Video for Different Platforms

Sometimes, the visuals alone in the video aren’t enough. Your video needs suitable audio to look, feel and of course, sound more engaging. If you want your videos of any kind looked at favorably or considered top-notch across different platforms in today's age, adding audio is key. Adding the right kind of sound can really make your videos stand out among your target audience.

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Easy-to-Use Tool With Many Features

Adding audio to video may turn out to be a little less convenient when done using heavy programs. However, with LightX Video Editor’s Add Audio to Video tool, the task is a plain sailing. It offers a simple and friendly interface with all the essential features for you to try. Eliminate all the hassle of dealing with software having complex learning and usability. Add audio to your video in a snap with LightX!

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Put Music Over Video in Custom Manner

Whether you want a mood-setting sound for the intro and outro of your video or a dramatic soundtrack for the spectacular climax scene in the video, add all and any as desired. You can add music, song, voiceover, sound effect, or soundtrack to your video with LightX Video Editor’s tool to add audio and customize them by adjusting volume, adding your own audio, etc. Get to personalize your video with audio at your fingertips.

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Try Classic, Jazzy, and More Music From Our Library

Whether you are in need of uplifting background tunes or want to set the mood with something more ambient, we’ve got the perfect music for any and every requirement. Explore plenty of soundtracks of different genres, such as Jazzy, Happy, Classic, Techno, Piano, and many more in our stock music library. You can also add your own song, voiceover, etc., in just a few clicks from your device. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, with LightX Video Editor’s tool to add audio to video, you can add any audio you like to your video for free.
or drag & drop an video

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By uploading an video, you agree to our Terms of Service.
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