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With LightX's free marketing video maker, create videos that engage with your audience, accelerate your brand's growth, and convert. Attention-grabbing intros, persuasive product showcases, and more. Make videos for all your strategies and campaigns!

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Creating a Marketing Video with LightX

Marketing Video graphic design

Choose Templates or Blank Canvas

Begin your video creation process by selecting one of two options: utilizing our customizable pre-made templates or by clicking on “Create from Scratch” to get a blank canvas. 


Add Images, Videos, Music, and Graphics

Add your own images and videos, set the desired mood with music from the tool's library or your own, and strategically place graphic elements like stickers and animations.


Download the Video as an MP4 File

Click on the "Download" button, and specify the desired resolution and quality settings for your video. The video rendering process will be completed in seconds. Once the video is ready, download it to your device for further use and distribution.

Create Marketing Videos for Social Media Platforms & Websites

Craft marketing videos for social commerce, brand storytelling, influencer collaborations, sponsorships, promotions, and more with strategic precision and finesse for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc., and websites using LightX's free Marketing video maker. No need to acquire intricate editing skills - enjoy quick creation, minimum efforts, and maximum results. 

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Edit Raw Images & Videos and Add Transitions

Customize your marketing video template by uploading your own images or video clips of brand, product, service, logo, case studies, testimonials, infographics, user-generated content, and more to enhance the video's appeal, brand-centricity, and persuasiveness. Edit images with Adjustment Sliders and Filters. Trim, loop, modify volume, scale, rotate, and more for videos. Also, access a vast range of photos available in Stock.

Create marketing videos by editing raw images and videos with amazing transitions.

Animated Text Presets by LightX's Marketing Video Maker

Delve into a treasure trove of expertly curated trendy preset text templates designed to cater to influencers, brands, and individuals aligned with their specific niches and objectives by LightX's animated Marketing video maker. Choose from dozens of themes and designs to convey your unique value, features or benefits, call-to-actions, key messages or USPs, and contact information effectively. Edit font style, size, color, opacity, and more in just a few clicks.

Add animated text to your marketing video with LightX for free

Add Premium-Grade Graphic Elements & Music to Video

Steer your promotional or selling endeavors towards success by personalizing videos with LightX's one-of-a-kind graphic elements. Create marketing videos with an impressive array of transparent stickers, illustrations, APNGs, and lotties to amplify their impact. Customize them to perfection by transforming, changing opacity, and synchronizing duration via the Timeline. Enliven video content with music, as well, from LightX's library, or upload your own soundtrack, audio, or voiceover.

add marketing graphic elements and mp3 to your marketing videos
Frequently Asked Questions
Create a compelling marketing video for your business using LightX's video maker. Select a suitable template and strategically blend eye-catching visuals with a persuasive message and captivating animations. Optimize size to improve shareability across different platforms. Increase your conversion rates through expertly edited marketing videos. 

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