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Transform the mood and style of your images with our Recolor Tool. Experiment with different color schemes to match your brand or personal style, all with just a few clicks.

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Steps to Recolor Your Image

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Recolor Pictures to Redefine Them Effectively

Color Photos With New & Vibrant Colors

Do you have photos that just don’t give off the same vibe anymore? Breathe life into them with new colors. Turn all your photos into vibrant works of art with colorization using LightX’s photo color changer - Color Splash tool. You can easily apply the color to the whole picture or just to certain areas of it with LightX’s simple and intuitive tool.  Take any photo from your device gallery, scan a photo and upload it, or pick one from stock. Attain totally realistic, natural-looking, and extraordinary results in nothing more than a few clicks.

old image of car made vibrant

Recolor Image Professionally in Seconds

LightX’s Color Splash tool offers an innovative way to transform colors in your pictures. It comes with an array of advanced tools and features to recolor any photo yourself, just like a professional, in a few moments. Using a suitable tool from our set of 6 ‘Selection Tool,’ including Smart Select, Magic Brush or Brush, and Smart Erase, Magic Erase or Erase, you can recolor an image or any part of it. With the ‘Adjustment’ feature, you can work upon Light, Gamma, Color, and White Balance to achieve an all-new desired color.

bag color change images

Colorize Images for Products, Collages & More

Get a new color for your pictures of the same product, similar outfit photos from different times in the collage, and a lot more without needing to shoot them in many different colors every time. With LightX’s color changer, the Color Splash tool, click a picture once and apply as many colors as you want. It not only eliminates all your extra hours and effort but also provides a whole new level of efficiency. Now, enjoy different colors or their shades in your single photo with no hassle of photographing again and again!

Sweater splashed in different colors

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use LightX’s Color Splash tool to recolor pictures for free. It provides a range of robust and professional options to recolor your photo.

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