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Create Appealing Combinations With Photo Merging

When an image speaks a thousand words, ever imagined how wonderful would it be with many of them together? With LightX’s tool for merging photos, derive a captivating visual by joining multiple photos in a photo. Mix them in a variety of styles for different attractive designs, such as artistic, aesthetic, beautiful, impressive, dramatic, cool, etc. Turn your photographic imagery into compelling composites in a few clicks.

Girl bathing in bathtub photo merged with multiple photos

Photo Merger With Easy Usability

LightX's photo merger tool comes with an easy-to-use and friendly interface. If you are someone who wants to merge your pictures into a single picture quickly and effortlessly, our tool is the one for you. All you have to do is upload your images, edit them according to your need and your visual is ready. LightX’s tool for merging photos makes the process truly a breeze by merging your photos in the best way possible.

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Customize With Amazing Editing Features

Let all your creative juices flow when it comes to customizing your photo composite in LightX. Experience a wide range of features to edit your visual for a personalized look. Resize your images, arrange any in back or front of another, position them across six different places on your image, apply catchy filters, and a lot more. Pair with different elements, as well, including text, stickers, etc.

Girl in travel outfit image edited and customized with different images filters and elements

Merge Photos for Collages, Montages, and More

The possibilities with LightX’s tool for merging images are infinite. With that being the case, make perfect photo collages, montages, or any other visual having multiple photos you want. Add your own photos or pick from stock to merge them into one for your next project or an idea. With the comprehensiveness of the tool, create visuals that, intrigue, please, and engage your viewers at the very first sight.

Black model image merged with collage and montages
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With LightX’s tool for merging pictures, you can merge your pictures into one online and for free. You can also customize further as per your need.
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