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Add Text to Picture Perfectly With LightX

Make Images More Engaging With Text

Do you want your images to draw the instant attention of viewers? Do you want your audience to like and engage more with your graphics? Text is the solution! A suitable text added to an image makes it a hundred times better. Not only the text makes the comprehension simpler but pleases the sight, too. Using LightX’s Text tool, you can put text on any and every image you want using an array of advanced tools and features. And all in a snap, without the need for any special skill or experience!

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A Comprehensive Photo Text Editor

If you are looking for an easy and efficient way to include text into your images, then LightX’s Text tool has got you all covered. It offers all the text adding and editing options you may need for your photos. Whether you wish to insert a heading, a sub-heading, or the body, add it all in just a tap. You can also try our pre-made editable text templates, such as Title, Double, Highlight, etc., for your different text requirements. Minimize your effort and extra time significantly with LightX’s Text tool!

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Customize Text Using Different Editing Options

Make your photos stand out by customizing the text in them. Modify the text to your liking and as per the requirement with multiple editing options under LightX’s Text tool. Select from fancy font styles and change the font size in real-time. Adjust letter spacing and line height using simple sliders. For a more dramatic effect, get to outline the text and change its opacity. Scale, rotate, arrange and align the text to 6 different positions across the image. If needed, replace the text, as well, in a click.

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Add Text to Photo for Professional & Personal Purposes

Create incredible textual visuals for both your professional purposes, such as marketing or branding, and personal ones, like memes, collages, wallpapers, etc. With LightX’s Text tool’s friendly interface and effortless usability, excellent professional graphics and creative personal artworks with text are not far. Explore all the options and features, from preset templates, and fonts to resizing and more to achieve flawless results. Pair with other elements, as well, including stickers, background, etc., easily and instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions
LightX’s Text tool is the best photo text editor for not just one but many reasons. It lets you add text to your images in just a few clicks. You can customize the added text to suit your needs using different editing features, including changing font style, color, and size or adjusting text opacity, placement, and more. You can do it all like a pro in seconds.
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