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AI Photo Editor and AI Filters

Embark on a journey of limitless creativity with LightX's groundbreaking AI tools. LightX’s Image to Image AI model seamlessly enhances every detail of your photos, transforming ordinary photos into extraordinary masterpieces. Craft AI avatars, elevate selfies with the prowess of an AI portrait generator, conjure professional photos with an AI headshot generator, play with outfits and hairstyles, and infuse any photo with the enchantment of AI filters, with a full spectrum of possibilities at your fingertips.

AI photo filter

AI Product Photography

Transform your online store with our cutting-edge AI tools for product photos! LightX's intelligent technology effortlessly enhances your regular product photos, delivering stunning visuals. From impeccable clarity to dynamic backgrounds with the AI product photoshoot tool, LightX revolutionizes the process. Moreover, the LightX AI product photo editor automates the creation of templates for your products, allowing you to generate product centric sale flyers, showcase images, ads, and promotional templates in seconds.

AI Product photography

Free Graphic Design Templates

Dive into a variety of pre-designed, customizable, printable, and diverse templates—tailored for marketing, social media, events, anniversaries, and beyond. These templates cater to every need, from dynamic flyers that promote events visually to banners making bold statements for sales or events. Invitations shine for celebrations, beautifully designed for birthdays to weddings, while holiday cards spread joy with custom greetings. Beyond practicality, access this creative treasure trove for free.

Graphic Design Templates

Free Editable Video Templates

Effortlessly extend your creativity to video production with LightX's studio-quality editable video templates. Everything you need for diverse video projects, from educational content to product promos and slideshows, is readily available. Explore themes like fashion, travel, fitness, and beyond, elevating your video creation experience to new heights. LightX's video templates seamlessly adapt to diverse platforms, including social media, websites, and virtual environments, ensuring your content looks professional and impressive across different mediums.

Free Video Template

Free Online Photo Editing Tools

From effortlessly changing colors and correcting hues to compressing images, converting formats, creating silhouettes, and cropping with finesse, LightX is your pocket-sized digital wizard. This powerhouse goes beyond mere file compression, offering a spectrum of tools, some enhanced by the magic of AI. With artificial intelligence, the LightX photo editor can perform advanced tasks like removing backgrounds and changing backgrounds by automatically detecting subjects and creating precise cutouts to create stickers.

Online image editor

Professional Online Video Editor

LightX isn't just an ordinary video editor; it's your artistic sidekick, armed with a treasure trove of tools. Known for its user-friendly interface, simplicity, and a variety of features suitable for both beginners and more advanced users, LightX is an easy online video editor right in your browser, offering drag-and-drop editing. Users can effortlessly trim and cut videos, add text or subtitles, create video montages, resize videos for different platforms, and edit images and GIFs. Plus, it comes with the valuable ability to export videos without watermarks.

Online Video Editor

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Whether you're experienced or just passionate, LightX tools are here to inspire and support your unique vision.

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Video and Image editor for Content Creators

Content Creators

A world of editing options that turns ordinary content into extraordinary!

Video and Image editor for Agencies

Creative Agencies

Endless design choices for all kinds of clients and industries, letting creativity run wild!

Video and Image editor for Sellers

Online Sellers

Get quality editing on a budget—great value without cutting corners!

Extensive Library of Creative Essentials

Work with a variety of add-ons to ensure the best designs and videos

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Photo Editor
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