Add Free AI Painting Filters Online

LightX’s online painting filters create various effects, from realistic oil paintings to abstract masterpieces, and transform your photos into art.

AI generated painting filter for photos

How to Use an AI Painting Filter on Photo

Step 1

Upload a Photo

Select a photo of yourself, a landscape, or your pet that you want to apply filter to

Step 2

Choose a Filter

Explore the diverse range of AI filters available, and select the "Art Style" one or write a custom prompt to create your own filter 

Step 3

Generate and Download

Click on “Generate" to apply the filter. Download the generated image to device

AI generated watercolor painting photo filter

AI Painting Effect Styles

Replicate the brushwork of Van Gogh or the delicacy of Monet's water lilies, LightX filters offer a fascinating journey into the realm of digital artistry. 

AI generated watercolor painting photo filter
Abstract color photo art filter made by AI
Painting filter created by AI

Filters That Make Photos Look Like Paintings 

Say goodbye to mundane photos and embrace the world of digital artistry. Discover the potential within your photos and watch them come to life as captivating masterpieces. Start your journey to creative excellence today! From watercolor painting filters to oil painting filters, you can easily transform your images into timeless pieces. 

AI filter to make photo look like painting

Create Renaissance Portraits of Your Furry Friend 

Pet owners, envision turning your beloved furry companions into exquisite works of art effortlessly! With our AI-powered painting filter for photos, transform pet photos into stunning masterpieces. Whether you prefer a Renaissance-style portrait or a modern abstract creation, It's as simple as uploading your pet's photo, selecting your desired filter, and letting our AI create a unique and cherished painting just for you. 

Painting effect made by AI

Paint Filters for Photographers to Create Stunning Works of Art 

Add an extra layer of creativity and uniqueness to your portfolio. LightX AI Painting Filters Tool is your secret weapon to achieve stunning, painting effects online in your photos effortlessly. With an extensive range of artistic styles at your disposal, and the ability to craft custom filters by simply describing your preferences in a text prompt box, you have complete creative control at your fingertips. 

AI generated paint filter for photo

Frequently Asked Questions

LightX offers an impressive array of AI-powered painting filters that can effortlessly transform your photographs into stunning artworks. With a wide selection of artistic styles to choose from, you can easily achieve the look and feel of various painting techniques, making your photos appear as if they were handcrafted masterpieces.

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